Instead of training, we prefer to talk about learning. With our workshops and capsules we get people to be able to perform its functions and tasks according to the standards of the organization.

Instead of courses, we prefer to talk about workshops. We meet to share and reflect on what is possible to improve at a collective and individual level. It’s about  totally practice oriented sessions in which the theory is offered to the extent that helps us solve the challenges we face in developing our daily work. In these sessions, participants identify areas for improvement and define the set of actions to be carried out to achieve it.

The workshops

The workshops are practical sessions of one or two days in which work thoroughly the contents thereof. The basic scheme is the following:

  • IMG_0556Activity for introduction into the topic: it can be a game, a physical activity or a reflection on a story.
  • Review of related concepts: It is necessary for participants to share the same knowledge and concepts.
  • Role play or simulation.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the application of the concepts, techniques or worked behaviors.
  • Agreement on what we have to change and how: Commitment of participants to put into practice the concepts studied.
  • Developing a plan for monitoring the results.

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 The chunksIMAG0047

The chunks are practical sessions about four hours in which the interest is focused on the theme to develop. Used to solve specific problems related to the knowledge and application of techniques associated with certain skills.

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 Outdoor proposals

DSC_0035We think it is good to develop a part of the learning process in unusual environments. Therefore, we have developed these proposals to acquire skills and competencies outside the traditional classroom. They are based on the implementation of activities with a strong recreational component and an afterthought to apply the concepts learned in our professional environment.

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