Sales Management

The steps for preparing the the sales plan are:

1. Definition or overhaul of the previous elements IMAG0069

The development of the sales plan requires prior consideration of the segmentation, positioning and communication strategies.

2. Sales audit.

To make decisions we must have completed the value analysis of the product and  customer portfolio and a competitive analysis.

3. Definition of the sales targets

The next step will be to define sales goals by territory, product category, customer category and (if any) distribution channels.

4. Development of the communication plan to support the sales activity

Certain sales functions can be developed with the support of direct marketing: prospects identification, customer qualification, interview requests, tracking of sales proposals, monitoring and customer recovery, customer satisfaction evaluation, …

5. Sales plan

The sales plan will determine: Plan

  • The sales taget by territories, products, customers and channel.
  • The objectives of activity for each vendor: sales appointment arrengements, customer qualification, delivered proposals, closed sales, …
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the achieved results.

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