Our consulting model applied to MBO in organizations is based on three pillars:

1. Definition / revision of the required elements

The implementation of a model of MBO requires the prior definition of the following elements:

  • Strategic framework formed by the values, mission, policies, strategic lines of action, goals.
  • Map of key processes.
  • Organizational chart and job description .
  • Strategic Plan defining the objectives of the organization.

2. The allocation of cascading objectives Objetivos

The objectives defined for the entire organization will be transferred to different areas and departments. Their leaders, to achieve them, will define a set of projects or actions. The projects and actions will be assigned to teams. With employees we will agree some performance levels associated to roles, tasks and behaviors.

3.-Definition of supporting tools

To complete the implementation of the model of MBO we will need to have:

  • A set of KPI to assess the level of performance achieved by people.
  • A model for the establishment of agreed commitments (objectives, functions / tasks and behaviors).
  • A model for the allocation of rewards that can be composed of a variable remuneration system, a set of incentives and benefits, career plans and training plans.
  • A model for monitoring and evaluating performance.

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