Our team

Joaquim Carbonell JCpetita

Diploma in Business Administration, Marketing Management and Master in e-learning.

Multifunctional and multidisciplinary experience. He has de hability to see the big picture and to identify what and how improve. Structured and organized. He is responsible for the design, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of projects. He has high communication skills and is an excellent facilitator.  Learn more about Joaquim Carbonell

Montserrat Mallorquí 

Psychologist, master’s degree in organizational development and process consulting. PSITOR certified by COPC.
Currently she advises on business projects designed to establish a direct connection  between the firm and its people, trough an appropriate organizational development. Expert in accompanying organizations to find professionals aligned to the corporate values, needs and objectives; creating environments to achieve  properly sized teams.
Previously  Human Resources Manager in the local administration and public consortia. She has a consolidated experience in national and multinational firms, as head of projects focusing on growth and improvement of professional branding programs and organizational redesign.  Learn more about Montserrat Mallorquí.

Marta Baño 


Psychologist and expert in NLP and in coaching techniques for personal and professional growth.

She currently combines his professional career with the position of Health Psychologist and Researcher at the University Hospital of Bellvitge. She complements her professional activity conducting training and coaching interventions in organizations.  She specialises in management skills such as leadership, teamwork and interpersonal communication.  Learn more about Marta Baño.

Marta Miranda

She has a Degree in Law and experience as a lawyer.MartaMiranda

Expert consultant on Knowledge Management applied to companies dedicated to legal advice and advocacy. In recent years he has been the manager of the Department of Knowledge Management Branch at Garrigues in Portugal. She has extensive experience in the legal sector and capacity for strategic planning and implementation of projects related to knowledge management. She knows the key aspects that knowledge management can bring to organizations. Learn more about Marta Miranda.

Alba Ramirez


Master in Multimedia Education and ICTs.

With experience in multimedia based instructional dissing  since 2008. She is an expert in the creation of multimedia learning contents. Specialised in LMS management, in the integration of learning contents and in the dissing of knowledge assessment models. Learn more about Alba Ramirez.


Javier Martínez


Bachelor of law and Master in Internet Management.JavierMartinez

He is the manager Knowledge Management Area in Catenaria and co-founder of Neos Knowledge and Learning. It is one of the best specialists in e-learning and knowledge management in the Spanish-speaking world. In his particular way of understanding these disciplines he emphasizes the impotance of pedagogy and learning models, rather than technology. He thinks that the best way to learn is “learning by doing” and not memorizing lessons. He often says, “Only if you practices, we could help you.” Learn more about Javier Martinez


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