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Teamwork through painting


We willl learn the keys of teamwork combining its different conceptual aspects with the collective painting of a picture. A reflection on the benefits of teamwork on people and companies will lead us to identify the aspects that favor the difference between team and group, the different roles of team members and observe the different stages of their evolution. The seminar concludes with an improvement plan to identify and implement the necessary changes in the workplace.


 Strategic planning and sailing

We will savelail, into five people teams, each one accompanied by an expert skipper. We’ll need to know the weather forecast and sea state, crew skills, to be familiar with the rigging and to know which will be the course. The first part of the activity will be dedicated to receive some essential navigation concepts, to expose the aims to achieve and to assign the roles on board of the crew members. Once at see, we will practice different manoeuvres, make a sailing race. We’ll also have time to relax and enjoy sailing.  After the lunch, the activity will continue at a meeting room to review the key points of the practised skills. We will also identify some possible personal and organizational improvements.

Cooking and internal communication

Learn the secrets of cooking from the hands of a professional. Discover the techniques of marriage between different wines and dishes. But knowing how to cook is not everything, we need  to know what are the tastes and preferences of the customer who is sitting in the room and therefore a good communication between clients and waiters and between waiters and kitchen is needed. Do we know what our customers really want? Is this information arriving appropriately to the different areas of our business? What are the aspects we must improve of our internal communication?


Archery and personal improvement plan

tir_arcArchery is a discipline that requires concentration, follow some systematic movements and measure the impact of the introduced changes in the shooting process. It’s easy: you identify what’s need to be improved, you correct it and you check if you get more or less closer to the target. Accompanied by a federate trainer, they will practice several shots. After the lunch and already in the meeting room,  the last part of the workshop will be dedicated to identify what and how needs to be changed to improve our professional live. The participants will be invited to write the basis of a realistic plan that allows them to do so. At this point the opinions of their team mates will be helpful.

 Human towers (castells), leadership and teambuilding

castellThe workshop begins with a brief introduction to the “casteller” world. With an audiovisual support, we will discuss the history of this activity, different types of towers, parts and profile of the different components. After the presentation we will conduct the first trials. We will build the first “pinya” and will raise different towers. To carry out the activity will have specialists “castellers” that will accompany us at all times to monitor the activity. Musicians with its melody indicate how to evolving human tower. The workshop ends with a collective reflection on the possible impact of experience in identifying improvements to apply teamwork of the participants.

Paella, project management and teamwork

PaellaCooking a paella is an activity that will allow us to spend a pleasant time together. You need to get the ingredients, utensils and reach the barbecue area promptly. Besides having a good time, take the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between this activity, project management  and teamwork. Discover the importance of identifying the necessary resources, plan activities to meet the schedule and the importance of knowing how to take advantage of people who form the teams.

Contact us: info@neos.cat